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†††††††††† Gunn Hwy Flea Market Video


†††††††††† Local Volks on the Lake

†††††††††† Classic VW Show via the

†††††††††† ExXxtreme Events Channel


†††††††††† The Lingerie Channel


~ DG Social Media Co. (Social Media Marketing Guruís)


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Hate Monkey Incís



Hate Monkey Inc. is the newest member of the Infinite Success Ventures portfolio. We offer complete computer, technology,† production, and broadcast services. We can create you a website, use technology to help grow your business, produce almost any commercial or production you may desire, and broadcast your media globally. More to come as we grow but Hate Monkey Inc. is on a mission to be the best in the world for all your needs!

Call 813-728-4251 today or email HateMonkeyInc@yahoo.com.